Obamas Is Thinking The Big Apple "NYC" After Leaving The White Departue

BHR HollyWood Reports............Sources say the Obamas changed their mind in recent months due to “messy Chicago politics” and desire a new beginning when they leave the White House in 2017.
The Obamas To Move To NYC Because Chicago Is Not
 The Same Since They Left

 In addition to making NYC their new dwelling place, the city may also be the locale for building the Obama Library.

This news comes amid conventional wisdom that suggests the president and First Lady Michelle Obama would return to Chicago, where they began their political and professional careers.

But Chicago may not be the move after all, as the couple are reportedly having second thoughts given how much the city has changed since they left.

Malia Sasha Obama
The decision ultimately will come down to the youngest Obama daughter, Sasha, who will won’t graduate from high school until 2019. There is a possibility the Obamas could stay in Washington until then.
The Obama's is Thinking Of A New Home after
Leaving The White House

It looks as if the Obamas are seriously considering making New York City their new home after President Barack Obama steps down from office.

Political insiders say they would embrace an Obama-New York move with open arms. Others also point out that New York City would be a great place for Obama to stay relevant post-presidency.

But not so fast Malia Obama could also find herself in New York, as she and Michelle Obama were spotted touring Columbia and New York University in preparation for her entrance into college.