Sports Analyst Warren Sapp Was Arrested For Solicitation,And Might Loose His Job
Sports Analyst Warren Sapp Was Arrested For Solicitation
BHR Hollywood Reports........Warren Sapp is the latest sports analyst to lose his job after soliciting for sex.

According to reports, Sapp’s issues began after he invited two prostitutes to his room after the Super Bowl.

Apparently, Sapp, 42, had sex with the women and an argument occurred afterward.

The women went to a police officer to report a crime.
Warren Sapp
They told police that Sapp didn’t pay them the correct amount for their sexual services and that he physically abused them inside the hotel.

Police arrived at Sapp’s hotel and he admitted to purchasing sex from the women, but said that he never assaulted them.

Sapp was arrested for solicitation.
Warren Sapp
The women who were involved were also arrested and received a citation for prostitution.

Sapp has since been fired by NFL Network where he worked as
an analyst after retiring from the NFL.

 A few weeks ago, Greg Anthony was arrested in Maryland for soliciting a prostitute on

Anthony was fired by CBS and NBA TV.