Nick Gordan Has Been Banned From Seeing Bobbi Kristina

Nick Gordan Has Been Banned From Seeing Bobbi Kristina
BHR Hollywood Reports...........The famous Houston family has been in turmoil for days now after news broke this weekend that Bobbi Kristina Brown, the famous daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found unresponsive in a bathtub.
Bobbi Kristina
And with news surrounding her health looking bleak, more bad news has seemingly come in as reports claim that her husband, Nick Gordon, has been banned from visiting her in the hospital.   
Bobbi Kristina And Nick Gordan
As previously reported, Gordon and his friend found Bobbi Kristina unresponsive in her home and Gordon performed CPR on her before police arrived and she was transported to North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia.

Bobby Brown, his wife, and Bobbi’s Kristina’s aunt, Pat Houston, have all been by her side at the hospital. However, the one person missing has been Gordon.

Sources claim that there is currently a restraining order keeping Gordon from seeing Bobbi Kristina, and there are armed guards stationed outside her room and local police outside the hospital are enforcing the restraining order and keeping him from seeing her.

We’re not sure how true this story is, especially considering that it was Gordon who found and helped save Bobbi Kristina. In any case, we hope that she makes a full recovery.

Keep Bobbi Kristina And The Family In Your Prayers 

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