Keyshia Cole Returns With Her BET Docu-Series "Keyshia Cole: All In"

Keyshia Cole Returns With Her BET Docu-Series "Keyshia Cole: All In"
BHR Hollywood Reports........Keyshia Cole returns to our TV screens, this time for her BET docu-series, Keyshia Cole: All In.

 Although you can still expect some ongoing drama between Keyshia and her family, unlike her two reality shows before this, All In will show more of Keyshia regrouping after her failed marriage to ex-hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, as well as her life as a single mother.
Keyshia , Daniel Gibson,
And Their Child

In the sneak peek, we witness the singer’s sister Neffe getting banned from her concert as her mother tries to reconcile the relationship between the two while ironically enough, Frankie gets into a street fight with her own daughter Elite in the next scene.

 We also see Keyshia deciding what’s next with her career during a sit-down with longtime manager  Manny, as well as Keyshia reflecting on her relationship with estranged husband Daniel and the option to reconcile.

Keyshia And Her Mom Frankie
Although we don’t see Daniel in the sneak peek, during our sit-down with him a few months ago, he was fresh from joining Keyshia on an episode, and told us we can expect a few cameos from him:

I denied that show to the fullest extent of full for so long… But I finally told them I’d do it.

 And we shot a scene last night where I came over and we’re trying to find a nanny to help out while I’m doing my basketball and she’s doing her album. So we were interviewing nannies.
 I made a little cameo.So now everybody gets to see the bad guy.

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