RHOA Star Claudia Jordan Was Called Out For Flirting With Porsha Williams Ex Husband

RHOA Star Claudia Jordan Was Called
 Out For Flirting With Porsha Williams Ex Husband
BHR Hollywood Reports.......The girls are back in Atlanta following their tumultuous trip to Puerto Rico, but they still can’t get over the drama that unfolded in paradise.

 As soon as NeNe lands, she jumps into the waiting arms of husband Greg Leakes and tells him all about the trip — and about how she basically bullied new Housewife Claudia.

 It’s rare that the Queen Bee is rendered speechless!

Cynthia Bailey
It’s a small world! Kordell Stewart, Porsha Williams’ ex-husband, is a friend of Peter’s and his partner, too — they both own SportsOne.

 It turns out that he’s friends with more than one person in the group, though: he’s known Claudia for 15 years! The two were more than happy to catch up with each other.

Kenya Moore
 Kenya asks Kordell if he’s single, and he says yes. She points out that he and Claudia look “really comfortable” together.

“Is there maybe a date between you two in the future?” Kenya questions.

The two giggle and blush like teenagers — but they don’t deny it! Kordell mentions that he’d definitely say yes to a date if Claudia asks.

“I’d never been the kind of girl to actively go after someone’s ex,” Claudia admits in her confessional.

 “But, we’re not really friends, so I could if I wanted to.”

Kordell And Claudia's Selfie 
Kenya, Cynthia and Peter leave Peter Thomas and sister Malorie that NeNe is the one who got read this time around — which is true.

 It’s rare that the Queen Bee is rendered speechless!

 Alone, and they continue chatting and flirting. They exchange numbers and take an up close and personal selfie — a surefire sign of attraction.

“I feel like Kordell might be feeling me a little bit.

 Why not? I’m a decent catch and know how spell!” Claudia continues in her confessional, throwing a jab at Porsha (who she works with!).