Parents Of Kendrick Johnson Files A $100 Million Lawsuit Of The Death Of Their Son
Parents Of Kendrick Johnson Files A
$100 Million Lawsuit Of The Death Of Their Son
BHR Hollywood Reports........The parents of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teen mysteriously found dead inside a school gym mat, has filed a $100 million lawsuit against 38 people--including local, state and federal law enforcement officials and three classmates.

Kendrick, 17, who was a member of the wrestling team at, Georgia, was found upside down in the rolled-up mat on Jan. 11, 2013. How the teen got there has been a long contested battle between Johnson’s family and, school and law enforcement officials.
 Lowndes High School

In a civil suit filed in Superior Court in DeKalb County, in metro Atlanta, Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson accuse the officials being a part of a conspiracy to ensure no one is ever prosecuted for Kendrick's death.

The lawsuit names juveniles accused of committing crimes, even though an official autopsy found that Kendrick died of asphyxiation and investigators ruled his death an accident.

"Defendants from the various law enforcement agencies deliberately and maliciously mishandled the subject investigation in such a way that anyone who might ever be charged with Kendrick's death would never be convicted," read part of the lawsuit that was filed Monday.

Kendrick Johnson
County Attorney Jim Elliot called the allegations "unfounded” and that the "baseless accusations" would be responded in court.

The multi-million dollar lawsuit is the second the family has filed.

 In July 2013 they filed an action against the school board. The current lawsuit couldn't be brought in Lowndes County because all of the local Superior Court judges have recused themselves.

 Chief Judge Harry J. Altman said it was inappropriate for local judges to preside because so many "officials with whom the judges in the circuit deal with everyday are involved."

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