Jay Z Meets With New York Governor (Andrew Cuomo) And Gets Called A Crack Dealer

 Jay Z Meets With New York Governor
 (Andrew Cuomo) And Gets Called A Crack Dealer
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Friday by referring to rapper Jay Z as an “ex-crack dealer” in its story about his meeting with Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) to discuss criminal justice reform.

Despite having a net worth of millions of dollars, rapper Jay Z was reminded of his criminal past by none other than Fox News.
Jay Z

  Jay Z met with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo regarding police policy in the wake of the killing Eric Garner by NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo.

The meeting was hailed by the governor’s office but Fox News tweeted the following :

Andrew Cuomo 
Fox News went on to write, “The rapper built his musical career on songs about his past criminal exploits slinging crack in Brooklyn’s Marcy housing project.

One online report lists 187 references to crack or cocaine on his 12 solo albums, including last year’s chart-topping Magna Carta Holy Grail.

 In addition to his rap boasts about drug dealing, his criminal justice experience includes being charged with stabbing people and bashing them on their heads with bottles at his favorite city nightclubs.”

These statements, although true, were considered by many fans to be highly insulting. Jay Z no longer deals drugs and is a respected businessman, entertainer, philanthropist and father.

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