Bill Cosby Hollywood Walk Of Fame Was Vandalized
Bill Cosby Hollywood Walk Of Fame Was Vandalized
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The comedian's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized  Thursday night, when someone wrote "rapist" on it three times.
The Cosby Show

 The star —
awarded to Cosby on Nov. 23, 1977 — was being cleaned up Friday morning.

Cosby's new shows with NBC and Netflix, some stand-up performances, and even reruns of The Cosby Show have been scrapped following the claims.

Cosby has yet to speak out about the roughly 20 claims, other than to thank his supporters.
 Bill Cosby Hollywood Walk of Fame vandalized 
 His lawyer has described the allegations as "defamatory," and has asked a court to dismiss a lawsuit from a woman who says Cosby assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion 40 years ago, when she was just 15.

 The star's counter filing says she only sued after her attempts to extort him failed.

On Wednesday, lawyer Gloria Allred called a press conference with three of the alleged victims and called on Cosby to waive the statute of limitations that says how long after an incident occurs a lawsuit can be filed.

 "We challenge Mr. Cosby to end this nightmare," she said.

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