R&B Singer Ginuwine Has Addressed His Divorce With His Wife (Rapper Sole')

BHR Hollywood Reports.......R&B singer Ginuwine, the Prince George’s County-native whose hits “Pony” and “So Anxious” dominated senior prom playlists from 1996 to 1999, has split from rapper Solé, his wife of more than a decade.

Ginuwine Has Addressed His Divorce With His Wife (Rapper Sole')
Ginuwine addressed the divorce when he posted a personal message to his fans, revealing that he and Solé aren’t yet divorced.

“I need to address yesterday’s rumor because it is not totally accurate and I don’t want my wife being made out to be the bad guy here.

We are NOT yet divorced, but we ARE currently separated and working towards coming to our own agreement, without lawyers, to amicably and fairly divorce.

 We’ve kept it quiet because it is really no one’s business but ours and our family’s,” Ginuwine wrote.

He also denied reports that Solé left him broke and he even took responsibility for the demise of their marriage.

“Therefore, reports that she left me ‘broke’ are untrue.

 She has been a good wife and mother and my poor choices and actions over many years have led to this.

Sole And Ginuwine
I am on a path of becoming a better man and part of that is taking responsibility for my own choices and behavior in life, so that’s what I’m doing by releasing this statement.

I thank everyone who has been there for us through these trying times. You are appreciated. God bless,” he wrote.

The couple engaged in a public disagreement in July when he blasted his daughter on Instagram and Sole angrily responded.

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