Michael Brown’s mother Accused of Armed Robbery After Family Fight with T-shirt Vendors and could be in trouble with the Law and facing Jail Time

Michael Brown’s mother Accused of Armed Robbery
BHR HollyWood Reports.........This story reminds you of the OJ Simpson Memorabilia case now here is a mother son gun down like a dog kill dead and someone want to sale and profit from her baby death this really is a problem.

Lesley McSpadden, is now facing felony charges of armed robbery after police reports say she was one of the “attackers” who beat and robbed vendors selling “Justice For Mike Brown” t-shirts in a parking lot in Ferguson, Missouri.

The alleged attack on the t-shirt vendors reportedly involved Michael Brown’s family who allegedly got into a fight over the sale of t-shirts identifying the late teenager, Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9.

The alleged fight reportedly happened on October 18th and has been classified by Ferguson police as a felony armed robbery.

Although no charges have been filed yet there is an active investigation going on which reportedly Michael Brown’s mother is suspected to be one of the attackers who robbed and assaulted the t-shirt vendors.

Lesley McSpadden
Pearlie Gordon, reportedly Brown’s mother in-law, along with two other men, are the t-shirt vendors that were involved in the seemingly family dispute turned fight.

Family Fight with T-shirt Vendors 
Gordon claims that McSpadden confronted her saying “you can’t sell this s***.”

Gordon reportedly responded saying she’s Michael’s mother in-law and would continue selling the t-shirts unless McSpadden had a patent preventing her.

Michael Brown’s grandmother, Desureia Harris, allegedly began snatching the t-shirts from the line they were hanging on, as other members began tearing the booth apart as the grandmother was reportedly saying “you don’t know my grandson like that.”

Gordon claims she was repeatedly hit in the head, knocked to the ground and had $400 in cash and $1500 in merchandise stolen from her.
Keep this Family In Your Prayers RIP Micheal Brown
The family is scheduled to be in court on November 12-13 regarding the unfortunate incident.
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