Former NFL Player Michael Sam Has Made His Way Up To The Cover Of GQ Magazine
Former NFL Player Michael Sam Has
 Made His Way Up To The Cover Of GQ Magazine 
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Michael Sam made history when he became the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL and he is now one of GQ’s Men Of The Year.

 Sam has had a roller-coaster year of triumphs and failures, to say the least.
Micheal Sam And
 Boyfriend Vito Cammisano
 After coming out and becoming the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL, he was, sadly, cut by both the St. Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.

 However, the 2013 SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year and former All-American at the University of Missouri hasn’t given up yet on his NFL dreams and he was recently honored in a major way by GQ magazine.

Yesterday, Sam revealed to his fans that he nabbed one of the coveted covers of GQ’s “Men of the Year” issue, alongside stars like Dave Chappelle and Chris Martin.

Sam celebrated the cover with a big thank you to GQ on his Twitter page.
Sam’s boyfriend, former University of Missouri swimmer Vito Cammisano, tweeted his beau with this post:

Sam’s GQ interview will be released later this week

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