R&B Singer Monica Has More Just A Singing Career

R&B Singer Monica Has More Just A Singing Career
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Monica has been known to the world as an R&B superstar.

 But like most people, it appears that Monica has more than just one dream she wants to achieve, and she recently announced that she’s added a shocking new career to her resume.

Yesterday, Monica revealed to her 2 million Instagram followers that she’s been moonlighting as a nurse when she’s not working on music.

Because of the scrubs, many of her fans originally thought that Monica has been pursuing a career as a nurse.

However, Monica clarified that she hasn't actually been working as a nurse in the following statement:

I’m not studying to be a nurse. I have a great respect for nurses.

 Especially seeing first hand all that they do & how they selflessly give of themselves. It is mandatory that we wear scrubs in my field as well.

 I've always had an interest in forensics. In my field we focus on giving the family much needed answers and closure in the event that they lose a loved one.

 I enjoy helping families during one of the most difficult times in their life.

 Thanks for checking with me. My post was never intended to be misleading.

 It was meant to just be encouraging because some days it’s just not easy but it’s all possible if u stay encouraged & believe.

The singer didn’t reveal any other details about her new career but color us shocked because we doubt that anyone imagined that Monica’s other dream job would be a nurse.

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