Love & Hip-HOP Atlanta Star K Michelle Produces New Song "Maybe I Should Call"

 K Michelle Produces New Song "Maybe I Should Call"
BHR Hollywood Reports........In addition to revealing the track listing for her sophomore album Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?,"K. Michelle shares a new song called “Maybe I Should Call.”

 On the vulnerable piano ballad, which follows “Love ‘Em All,” the Memphis songstress struggles with being the one to make the call.

Maybe I Should Call Single Cover
K. Michelle’s new album is set to hit stores on December 9.
Like its predecessor, this track makes its weighty subject matter apparent from the get-go, with Michelle singing "she's having the child I should' carried" within seconds of the track starting.

 A regretful air enshrouds "Maybe I Should Call," conjuring up an image of Michelle sitting and wistfully staring out the window (or, more likely, at the phone). Heavy stuff.

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