Rumors Have Been Spreading That Gloria Govan Is After Tamar's Husband Vince
Rumors Have Been Spreading That
 Gloria Govan Is After Tamar's Husband Vince
BHR Hollywood Reports........Gloria Govan’s love life has been on a serious downward spiral ever since it was revealed that she and her husband, Matt Barnes, had officially separated and were on the path to divorce.

Vince And Tamar
Since being fired from “Basketball Wives LA,” Govan has wanted to get back into the world of reality TV and she was looking to Braxton’s husband, Vincent Herbert, to help her return.

However, their business relationship has now turned romantic.
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Gloria may be the source of another woman’s marital woes — as several close to the former “Basketball Wives L.A.” star claim she has been getting it in with Tamar Braxton’s entertainment executive HUSBAND Vincent Herbert. 
Gloria Govan

“Must be a slow media day… Smfh @balleralert @bossipoffical stop with the outrageous LIES!!! Y’all want tea go do your homework instead of making random s— up.

 I’ve never met @tamarbraxton or her husband day in my life! And I wish them nothing but the best in their marriage and beautiful family!!! Stop believing everything u read!!! #dry #stupida–media #dumbstories #lies #stoplying.”

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