NBA Superstar Dwight Howard Was Accused By Royce Reed (Mother) Of Being Abusive To Their 6 yr Son

Dwight Howard was Accused
Of  Being Abusive To Their 6 yr Son
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Dwight Howard was under investigation for child abuse and gave precisely the same excuse Adrian Peterson used, but it appears in this case authorities found Howard did not break the law.

Braylon Howard 
 “Howard’s baby mama Royce Reed went to Children’s Services in the Orlando, Florida, area in August and complained he had whipped their 6-year-old son Braylon with a belt, leaving bruises and abrasions on his leg.”

Reed was immediately sent to a nearby medical facility, where Braylon was evaluated and his injuries documented.

Royce Reed's Comment
 Howard confessed to Royce Reed , but said he didn't realize there was anything wrong with it because he was disciplined the same way as a kid.

 Howard's lawyer filed legal docs claiming he never caused marks, bruises, welts or injuries requiring medical treatment.

The case was CLOSED out by Children's Services  and no charges were filed against Dwight. But
Royce Reed woke up this morning with a lot to say.

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