Poet Nikki Giovanni Share Her Thoughts On Bill Cosby

Poet Nikki Giovanni Share Her Thoughts On Bill Cosby
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Bill Cosby’“infidelities” aren't news to some people, particularly poet Nikki Giovanni, who has been coming to the defense of the hip-hop generation since Cosby’s first tongue-lashing against them.

 Here’s a video that resurfaced on the biosphere of Giovanni sharing her thoughts on Cosby and his perspective of young black males.

Poet Nikki Giovanni 
She made her thoughts on Cosby abundantly clear, questioning his character at a time when he was questioning everyone else’s.

Giovanni accused the legendary comedian of womanizing and fathering illegitimate children all while he was lecturing the black community about the need for better morality.

In part she says about Cosby’s criticism of black males who wear their pants saggy:

“He’s mad because they drop their drawers. He’s mad because he has to look at their crack.

 It is the only crack he’s mad about looking at.

 Because he’s looked at a whole lot of other ones I am not the one with a whole lot of illegitimate children.”

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