Timbaland And Monique Is No Longer On A verge Of A Divorce.....Monique Called Off The Divorce Last Night

BHR Hollywood Reports........Timbaland is looking like a man in love with his wife which is kinda shocking since just a year ago she was out to DESTROY him.

Somewhere along the way, the two remembered what they loved about one another and began to work things out.

They were spotted together in March at a Grey Goose event and now we've learned that they quietly dismissed their divorce proceedings last week.

 But now it appears that Mosley has had a change of heart.

However, the couple clearly worked out their issues because it’s been revealed that Mosley quietly dismissed her divorce last week and now Timbaland has been celebrating his rekindled love with his wife by posting a barrage of romantic messages about their marriage on his social media page.

Timbaland And Monique

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