Omarian Demands A DNA Test!!!!! He Wants Apryl To Prove That Her Son Is Their Son

Omarion Want Apryl To  Prove That Her Son Is Their Son

BHR Hollywood Reports........  “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” couple Omarion and Apryl Jones‘ alleged split.

 Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Omarion and Apryl had called it quits after O’s mother, Leslie, questioned the paternity of the baby.
Omarion and son

People claimed that Jones cheated with her ex of Mexican descent and when approached for a DNA test, she refused, putting the final nail in the coffin.
 Omarion and Apryl Jones, 

 After months of mama spitting that HATE into Omarion’s ear, he started having second thoughts about paternity.

 “Omarion asked for a DNA test, and Apryl was offended  she started crying and carrying on.

” The insider continued, “After Apryl calmed down Omarion asked again and she still said no.”

If this rumor is true, this is the second couple from the show that has broken up.

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