New Music Video From Mila J " Times Like This"

New Music Video From Mila J " Times Like This"
Mila J
BHR Hollywood Reports........Singer Mila J just released her 5-song EP M.I.L.A. (Made In L.A.) today, featuring her hit singles “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” and “My Main” (with Ty Dolla $ign.)

 In support of the  release, Mila dropped the third music video off the project, the ride-or-die love ballad, "Times Like These".

Mila J And Kevin McCall
 Mila just released  where she portrays the real life struggles of holding your man down through the good times, as well as the bad.

  Like a hood soap opera, Mila brings the drama as her man, played by Kevin McCall, loses his job and is forced into a life of crime.
 And even though Mila has her reservations, she supports it after sticking with him through his car getting repossessed and even when the eviction notices start coming in.

 After getting shaken down by the cops, she probably wishes she would have looked out for herself first.

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