Ne-Yo Talks how to Co-parent with out staying together & Being Lovers

Ne-Yo Talks how to Co-parent with out staying together & Being Lovers
BHR HollyWood Reports...........Ne-yo recently interview with and explain why he moved out of his home with Monyetta Shaw.  Ne-yo went to say that they have reached a new plateau in their relationship, now that the “Miss Independent” singer and his ex-fiancée each have their own residences.

Many “Atlanta Exes” viewers were surprised to learn that Monyetta and Ne-Yo still lived together with their two children, despite the end of their romance. At the time, it seemed like the easiest way to co-parent, but Ne-Yo has since moved into his own place.

Ne-Yo Confirms Split From Baby
 Mama/Fiancée Monyetta Shawf
The Alpharetta, Ga Home
“Now, that we’re getting to a place where we’re moving along—she’s seeing other people; I’m seeing other people—it doesn’t make sense for us to be under the same roof anymore,” Ne-Yo told Sister 2 Sister.

Ne-Yo is now living in a $520K farm{BHRReports} The Alpharetta, Ga., residence boasts five bedrooms and sits on two acres, according to reports.

Monyetta remains in the home she shared with Ne-Yo, and he said the two are adjusting to their new co-parenting reality.

“Just because the romantic element of your relationship is no more, doesn't  mean you have to be enemies. She’s my partner; she’s my friend, and we’re raising to beautiful children together,” he said.
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