Michael Dunn Found Guilty For 2012 Shooting And Killing Of Jordan Davis

 Michael Dunn Found guilty in the shooting death of Jordan Davis
BHR Hollywood Reports.....Michael Dunn, 47, was on three charges of attempted second-degree murder for shooting into an SUV with four black teens inside.

 Dunn had a verbal altercation with Davis, one of the teens in the car, about the volume of the music they were playing before the incident.

 Davis was shot and killed during the altercation.
Michael Dunn And Jordan Davis

A Florida jury found Michael Dunn guilty in the shooting death of Jordan Davis.

 After five hours of deliberation, the jury deemed Dunn guilty of first-degree murder for shooting the teen in November 2012 for playing loud music in an SUV.

Dunn testified that he thought his life was in danger.

Dunn was convicted previously of three counts of attempted second-degree murder in February and already faces at least 60 years in prison.

The jury in the first trial deadlocked on the first-degree murder count, which led prosecutors to retry him in this case.

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