Is It True That K. Michelle Is Ready To End Beef With Tamar Braxton

K. Michele Is Ready To End Beef With Tamar Braxton
BHR Hollywood Reports.........K.Michelle always seems quick to conflict with a fellow celebrity, but she recently pointed out that she doesn’t start any beef, and she’d like to end her feud with Tamar Braxton.

K.Michelle said “When I was going through the whole situation on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ with the Toya [Wright] things and all of that type of thing, she hopped in it, like everyone else did.”

Tamar Braxton
According to K.Michelle, Tamar accused her of lying about the alleged domestic abuse between K.Michelle and MeMpHiTz Wright, and that’s when K.Michelle responded: “I like Toni [Braxton] better anyway.”

By all rights, K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton should have been the best of friends when it comes to fiery reality TV divas, but instead the two women have been embroiled in a heated beef for more than a year.

Although both ladies have hurled some rather shady disses at each other in the past, K. Michelle says she’s now ready to end her beef with Braxton.

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