Formal Real House Wives Of Atlanta Star Lisa Wu Is Having A Rough Time Fitting In With Some Of Her Hollywood Divas Cast Members

Lisa Wu Is Having A Rough With Some Of Her Cast Members
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Lisa Wu has had a tough time fitting in with some of her “Hollywood Divas” cast mates thanks to her time on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

That tension has been felt most with Golden Brooks, who questions Lisa’s acting credibility.
Golden Brooks

 But Lisa isn't taking the criticism like a lamb and she recently had some choice words for the “Girlfriends” actress.

However, Golden’s perception of her didn't bother Lisa at all, considering Golden is in the same boat now.

“I was like, ‘girl, you’re on reality, you’re a reality star, too! “ Lisa laughed at her co-star’s comments.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta season 1
 Aside from stating the obvious, Lisa says she also didn't have any worries since, contrary to popular belief, Lisa had been writing and producing films and plays long before her RHOA debut.

“People think that I came from reality. I started almost 20 years ago, I wrote a play that Tyler Perry directed 20 years ago.

 I wrote a movie, produced and starred in a movie back in 2000.

I produced another television show that I was a host of.

Lisa Wu
 This is my home and because on ‘[Real] Housewives of Atlanta’ they didn't allow me to say it on the first season.

 They wanted real character, I couldn't say that I was an actress, I couldn't say that I was a producer,” said Lisa.

However, Wu seems unfazed by Brooks criticism and gave her own critique about her.

“I think Golden has some insecurity issues and is very judgmental. I think that’s why she’s taking on projects like Countess [Vaughn],” Lisa told TV One, referring to Brooks interest in Vaughn’s weight loss.

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