Claudia Jordan Blasted Phaedra Parks For Saying Things About Her

Claudia Jordan Blasted Phaedra Parks For Saying Things About Her
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Phaedra Parks found herself with a big target on her back from her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mates last week when Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore both took shots at her for bashing them on “Ellen.”

Cynthia Bailey
Now “RHOA” newcomer Claudia Jordan is taking her turn in bashing Parks as well for speaking ill of her on the talk show.

During Parks’ visit to “Ellen” last week, she was asked to play a word association game, and after calling Moore “Satan” and Bailey a “lap dog,” Parks referred to Jordan as “Kenya Jr.”

You might not have caught it, but there’s chatter that Phaedra threw some shade at Claudia during her recent appearance on “Ellen.”

 Apparently something Phaedra said struck a nerve for the “RHOA” newbie, who immediately hit up Twitter to call her out for getting bold once she was well out of arm’s reach.

Claudia Jordan
 Phaedra’s not the only one bumping heads with Claudia: the new girl tangled with the show’s Queen Bee NeNe Leakes during a cast trip to Puerto Rico!

 Supposedly, the model had been trying to pick a fight to snag a little more camera time and interest from the producers. “Claudia kept trying to start an argument with NeNe to get attention.

That wasn’t the only shade Nene had for Claudia either! “Nene called Claudia a ‘pretender’ who was desperately trying to get a job on the show and living in Kenya’s shadow,

Claudia hasn’t directly commented on the rumors that she was trying to instigate her battle with Nene Leakes, but she said on Twitter that starting a fight is out of her character.

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