Baseball Star Barry Bonds Has Finalized His Divorce, And He Is Officially Single

BHR Hollywood Reports......Baseball star Barry Bonds is officially single again after finalizing his divorce.

Barry Bonds Has Finalized His Divorce, And He Is Officially Single 
The retired San Francisco Giants player initially split from Elizabeth Watson in June 2009 when she first filed to end their 11-year union.

They reconciled weeks later and requested to have the court papers dismissed, only to split for good in 2010.

The former couple reached a private agreement, reportedly regarding assets and custody of their daughter, and now a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has signed off on the divorce, finally bringing the union to an end.
Barry Bonds & Elizabeth Watson
And Daughter 
Aisha Lynn

Bonds has been in the headlines in recent years after being linked to baseball's steroids scandal.

In 2011, he was sentenced to serve 30 days of house arrest for lying to a grand jury about his alleged steroid use back in 2003.

Another day, another high-profile relationship bites the dust. After four years in the court system, Barry Bonds and Elizabeth Watson Bonds have finalized their divorce in L.A. County Superior Court.

Berry And Elizabeth 

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