Yung Berg And Hazel E Are Having Difficulty Defining Their Relationship

Young Berg Claims Hazel E Stocks Him And Called Her Delusional 
BHR Hollywood Reports......... When it comes to “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” cast mates, Hazel E and Yung Berg, there appears to be a bit of confusion when it comes to defining their relationship.

Yung Berg

While Hazel E seems to pine over the rapper-producer in front of the camera, with Berg welcoming her advances or at least her booty calls, when it comes to the state of their union,

Berg claims that he has never dated the female rapper and that she is delusional for thinking that she is anything more than a warm body to spoon with at night.

Hazel, like I said, I call her a lot of different things. I call her respectable woman.
Hazel E

 I call her Erica. I call her Hazel, but on my down time, I call her 4 a.m., because I only hang out with her from the hours of  4a.m.,"he said.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" rapper described her as "delusional" before declaring his love for her.

Viewers of the show have repeatedly heard Berg deny any type of romantic relationship with Hazel, relegating their time together as more of a "friends with benefits" arrangement.

The “LHHH” star went on to describe Hazel as “delusional” before declaring his love for her as a “friend.”

Masika Kalysha
For those just tuning in, Berg has been very forward with E during the show, denying any type of romantic relationship with her and relegating that their time together is more of a “friends with benefits” arrangement.

Since making it clear that he’s not going to be forced into a relationship, rumors have surfaced that the ladies’ man has set his sights on dating another co-star, Masika Kalysha.

But according to Berg, Masika has also been placed in the friend zone. “She’s here. She’s always around. This is my friend,” he said after planting kisses on Masika and calling her his “babe,” he said.

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