NBA player Greg Oden arrested accused of hitting his ex-girlfreind and charged with battery before being booked

Greg Oden arrested accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend and charged with battery before being booked

BHR HollyWood Reports.........NBA player Greg Oden was arrested in Lawrence, Ind. this morning, accused of punching his ex-girlfriend. The former Ohio State star, who played last season with the Miami Heat, was arrested early this morning, after an incident around 3:30 a.m., according to the Lawrence Police Department’s report.

 The officers arrived on the scene to find the alleged victim lying across a bed, crying and holding her face. According to police, a witness, described as the woman’s best friend, told the officers what occurred.

“He punched her in the face,” the witness reported. The police claim that the victim herself was initially “uncooperative.”

The witness encouraged the victim to tell the police what happened. “There isn’t that much love in the world,” the witness reportedly told her. “You need to tell that he punched you in the face.”

According to the report, the officers “observed blood, swelling to the nose, lacerations to the forehead and nose area of the victim’s face,” and also “observed blood on the sofa and floor in the sitting area. [They] observed [blood] on the living room carpet [and] dirt from a flower pot that was knocked over.”

The victim refused treatment from medical personnel and she reportedly told the police that she fell initially, but was unable to provide further details.

One of the NBA player’s relatives said that she was awakened by the argument between Oden and the victim; adding that there is typically an argument when the two go out together.

“Things got out of control and I started to go after the victim,” Oden reportedly told the officers prior to his arrest. “My relative and witness tried to hold me back, but as I swung my arms to move them out of the way, [I] punched the victim in the face.

“I was wrong and I know what has to happen.”

Oden, 26, was "calm, apologetic and cooperative" when officers spoke with him, police said. He and the victim dated for two years but recently broke up. He was transported to the processing center and charged with battery before being booked into Marion County Jail.

Oden was drafted by the Portland Trailblazers in 2007 after a standout season at Ohio State University. His NBA career has been plagued by injuries, however, resulting in him missing entire seasons due to repeated surgeries. He was waived by the Trailblazers in 2012 after five disappointing years with the team.

 He attempted a comeback this past season after being signed by the Heat. He averaged only 9.2. minutes per game and 2.9 points per game for the season....
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