Is Benzino accusing Joseline Hernandez of abusing Stevie J

Benzino accusing Joseline Hernandez of abusing StevieJ
BHR Hollywood Reports.............Benzino and Stevie J may not be friends anymore, but that doesn’t mean that Zino doesn’t still care about his former buddy’s welfare.

 In a new interview with Vlad TV, Zino claims that the fights between Stevie and Joseline Hernandez on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” are nothing compared to the ones they have off camera and that Hernandez regularly beats Stevie.

Earlier this year, it seemed that Joseline was the one being abused when she supposedly posted images of the bruises and injuries she’d endured from beatings from Stevie j.

But, according to Zino, the relationship really is abusive, it’s just Stevie who is beingabused.

 However, Hernandez later claimed that someone hacked her account in an attempt to slander and tarnish her relationship.

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