Attorney General Eric Holder Visit Ferguson for the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown "‘I am also a black man’ and this touch Deep

Attorney General Eric Holder Visit Ferguson for the
killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown
BHR HollyWood Reports........The nation’s first black Attorney General has promised to use federal resources to investigate the killing of an unarmed black teenager.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in this stubbornly segregated city as it exhales from days of violent protests and heavy-handed police rule following the police killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

 “I am the attorney general of the United States,” Holder told a group of local college students As he did last summer in the wake of the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer, Holder spoke of his own experiences with racial profiling, the police, and being black in America.

“I understand the mistrust,” he told them.

Outstanding Police Work this what we need in the Community 
Holder later met with residents and community, faith and business leaders to underscore just how vigorously the Department of Justice is investigating Brown’s killing and working behind the scenes to cool tensions.

As rioting and protests have torn Ferguson apart since Brown’s killing, calls are rising for the Department of Justice to take over his case from local law enforcement. Far short of that, Holder has promised a clear and thorough investigation.

Holder’s visit is unprecedented but not unexpected. When President Barack Obama, America’s first black president, tapped him to be attorney general, Holder promised to use his office to aggressively enforce federal civil rights laws. When the Trayvon Martin case sparked national protests and anger, Holder sent his community relations service to Sanford, Florida to mediate and assured the DOJ would fully investigate to determine whether Martin’s civil rights had been violated.
Holder spoke of his own experiences with racial profiling
 the police, and being black in America
Holder told reporters on Wednesday afternoon that he has been kept up-to-date on all of the details of the Brown case and that he has assigned some of the department’s most experienced investigators to it. The department’s case is separate from that being conducted by St. Louis County, in that the DOJ is looking specifically for possible violations of federal criminal civil rights statutes.

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