Exclusive......Apollo Nida Ordered To Pay Back A $1.9 Million Fine

Apollo Has To Pay 1.9 Million Dollars

 BHR Hollywood Reports...........There’s no question that Apollo Nida is going to suffer greatly for his four-year involvement in bank, wire, mail fraud and ID theft.

 The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband was recently sentenced to eight years in prison for stealing $2 million from 50 individuals and now it’s been revealed that he’s been ordered to pay nearly the same back to several states and companies as part of his sentencing.
Court documents obtained by BHR Hollywood Reports show that Nida has been ordered to pony up approximately $1.9 million and the documents even provide the breakdown of who Nida is shelling the money out to.

 – JP Morgan Chase  $828,300
 – IRS  $127,011
 – Delta Airlines  $24,985
 – State of California  $15,778
 – State of Connecticut  $45,525
 – State of Texas $39,275

Well, considering all of the time and money Nida’s about to lose, as well as the numerous reports that his marriage to Phaedra Parks is on the rocks, it seems like Nida’s life will be upended for awhile.
But perhaps the time in federal prison will help him learn that there are consequences for all actions, especially bad ones.
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