Exclusive Comedian Katt Williams Is Facing Assault Charges!!! Come And See Why

BHR Hollywood Reports ......Comedian Katt Williams is under investigation following a run in with a Los Angeles fan. According to BHR Hollywood Reports, Glen Jackson claims that Williams and his bodyguard attempted
Katt Williams Is Facing Assault Charges
to run him over with his Rolls Royce after he tried to take a photo of him.

On Tuesday, Williams was cruising by LAX when Jackson allegedly pulled alongside the funnyman in hopes of snapping an image of him with his cellphone.

 The action alone, reportedly triggered an adverse reaction from Williams, who according to Jackson tried to snatch his phone and proceeded to pepper spray him, causing him to stumble out of his vehicle.

Once on the ground, Williams and his body guard returned to their vehicle, where they quickly sped past Jackson, smacking into his leg and dousing him a second time with pepper spray, before fleeing the scene.

Due to the nature of the crime, Inglewood police are investigating a possible assault with a deadly weapon.

Williams’ alleged confrontation with Jackson is the fourth violent incident in which he’s been involved within the past two weeks.
 If authorities find sufficient evidence against Williams, he could be facing some very heavy charges.

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