Cam'ron Is Back Featuring Nicki Minaj With An Exclusive New Music Video

New Music Video "So Bad"
BHR Hollywood Reports........Nicki Minaj breathes new life into a previously released Cam’ron song from 2012. After collaborating on “I Am Your Leader,” the New York rappers come together for “So Bad” for Killa Cam’s 1st of the Month EP series.

Queens songstress Yummy Bingham lays down the hook, while Nicki kicks her man to the curb on her bossy verse.

“You runnin’ ’round frontin’ like you paid in full / My ni**a, you ain’t Rico, this ain’t Paid in Full,” she spits.
The second installment of Cam’s 1st of the Month arrives next month on iTunes.
 Upcoming editions are expected to feature Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and more.The music video premieres wenesday.
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