Solange is telling her sister "Beyonce" to leave him this thing is deeper than you think

Solange is telling her sister "Beyonce" to leave him 
 BHR HollyWood Reports.........Since the attack on Jay in an elevator, with rumors claiming that the fight was over Jay’s alleged infidelity. In recent weeks, Jay has been romantically tied to not only designer Rachel Roy, the ex-wife of his former BFF Damon Dash, but also a hostess at a swanky NYC lounge. Now, rumors are claiming Solange still is telling her sister "Beyonce" to leave him.

According to Life & Style, Beyoncé and her family are intent on maintaining the image of a picture-perfect family, even if her marriage is falling apart behind closed doors.

“Beyoncé is extremely careful about her image, and everything she does is thought out and planned,” a family insider claimed. “She is obsessed with them appearing as the perfect family.”

The insider claims that things have gotten so bad between the couple that it’s doubtful that their marriage will survive.

“It’s been really rocky for them,” says the insider. “There is trouble in paradise. Divorce is inevitable — and Beyoncé’s only option.”
This Photo is just after the elevator Fight

There’s no proof, besides the Solange incident, that there’s trouble in paradise, but if the two do split up, things could get messy as they try to divide a combined fortune of nearly $900 million and work out a custody agreement over their daughter, Blue Ivy.

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