Jay Z Attacked by Beyonce's Sister Solange Knowles and soon after Bodyguard prevents Jay Z from riding the same car

Solange Attacking Jay Z In An Elevator
Jay Z has 99 problems, and Beyonce’s sister may be one!
Solange recently laid hands on Jay, and it was all caught on camera

BHR HollyWood Reports.......As you may remember, last week Jay Z’s charm stole photographers hearts as he slipped a ring on Beyonce’s finger on the red carpet of the MET Gala, but according to a new video that has made it’s way online, hours later he found himself being attacked by Solange Knowles while leaving the event.

In the video, posted by TMZ, Solange looks as though she’s arguing with Jay as the group enters the elevator, and she immediately starts swinging before the doors even had the chance to close.

  A man, that looks to be Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius, attempts to hold her back, but she gets quite a few hits and kicks in throughout the ordeal. It also looks as though she may have spit on him, meanwhile, Beyonce remained in a corner.

Minutes later, everyone peeled out of the elevator as if nothing ever happened!

Afterward, Julius (the bodyguard) prevented Jay Z from stepping into the same car as Beyonce and Solange, and instead led him to another vehicle.

   Something Happen!!! more to this story that about to surface something just not right about this!!!!!!!


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