50 Cent said he was block from attending his son graduation by ex-girlfriend

50 Cent said he was block from attending
 his son graduation by ex-girlfriend
BHR HollyWood Reports........Do you really think 50 would miss his son graduation..... something about this story is not sounding right !!!! 50 Cent Ditches Son's High School Graduation.

BHR Writer
(Big Blac) sorry but this is some female shit here!!!!!!!! She got to be mad with 50 about something and this what they do...use the children or child to hurt the father.. and thats so sad.......

 50 Cent’s relationship with his teenage son Marquise has been pretty rocky as of late, and the rapper claims it’s because his baby mama Shaniqua has brainwashed him into hating his father.

Although they were photographed together months ago at an event in Atlanta, it’s now being reported that he missed his son’s high school graduation.

50  son’s high school graduation
There were numerous photos shared of Marquise’s big day but 50 was not in any of the photos..So did 50 Cent skip out on his son’s graduation? Well according to the rapper, he wasn’t invited.

 He tells TMZ he is hurt that no one sent him an invite and no one told him the time or date of the graduation. But he’s even more upset since he’s the one that paid for his son’s schooling.

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