Keyshia Cole Spotted Out in a Atlanta Club With New Mystery Man ???? So Does This Says It All For The Rumors of Divorcing NBA Daniel Gibson

BHR HollyWood Reports......Keyshia Cole was spotted cuddled up with a mystery man in Atlanta at an after party for the Drake concert, prompting her husband, Daniel ‘Bobbie’ Gibson to respond via Instagram.

There were more than enough divorce rumors circulating around this
couple, but Keyshia’s latest outing has her fans convinced that her and Daniel are on the brink of calling it quits.

At first glance, the pair didn’t seem to be much more than friends, as a few of their close interactions could have been easily explained away by the fact that they had to lean in to talk in a loud club environment.
Keyshia Cole Spotted Out in a Atlanta Club With New Mystery Man

Things got a little fishy when the man, ‘Ruggs,’ whom some have identified as a promoter for D’usse, grabbed Keyshia’s hand.

In another shot, he has his arm wrapped around the singer’s waist.

The only thing more incriminating than what was seen in several of the pictures, was what wasn’t seen in any of them – Keyshia’s wedding ring.

While she never actually planted a kiss on ‘Ruggs,’ they were certainly pretty close the entire night. Even her husband felt like they were a little too close for comfort.

Daniel took to Instagram where he could express himself through some vintage Tupac lyrics.

Keyshia Cole cheating on husband Daniel in Atlanta “The kinda shyt that will fuel an anger that will never die,” he captioned a grainy photo of the rap icon.

It’s obvious the couple has been having some trouble with their relationship and they have made the tragic mistake of putting it all on social media.

Daniel struggled to even deny allegations of their marriage falling apart during an interview with True Exclusives.

When asked about the relationship, he answered as if he was a man trapped by marriage and his child rather than a man who was still in love.

“We’re good,” he said dryly. “We’re chillin’. We have a kid. We’re married. So it’s all love.”

Meanwhile, Keyshia is finally getting ready to give her fans some new music. Sources revealed that the R&B songstress is working on a new album and mixtape, although there have been no release dates set for either project.

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