The Miami-based Baddest Chick "Trina" was Rush To The Hospital after passing out in the Airport

 Miami-based Baddest Chick "Trina"
was Rush To The Hospital 
BHR HollyWood Reports....The Miami-based stripper-turned-rapper who was also known for dating NBA thug Kenyon Martin, was hospitalized early Monday morning after passing out in a Florida airport over “dehydration and overexertion,” reported

Reported flowed in that the veteran rapper, born Katrina Laverne Taylor, 34, had been traveling all day while battling an unknown illness and collapsed just minutes after stepping off the plane.

Trina was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where she’s currently recuperating and expected to be fine.

Trina expressed her gratitude to her friends and fans who checked up on her via social media and tweeted her status.

"Thanks for your concern and prayers! I'm ok, just ready to leave this place I hate needles," she wrote. A photo which she uploaded shows her hand hooked up to an IV.

Many fans left messages on the post and prayed for her speedy recovery. "Get well beautiful I will b praying for u," a fan wrote. "I wish you a speedy recovery...may god bless you throughout this time," another fan added, while one Instagram user said, "Feel Better. Were All Praying For Ya."

According to TMZ, the "No More" rapper had been traveling a lot and she was ill. She lost consciousness after stepping out of a plane and was rushed to a nearby hospital to receive treatment.

In other news, the rapper opened up about working as a customer service in the past in a recent interview with Nardwuar. "I hated that job. I hated working for AT&T. I hated calling people's phones and trying to get them to switch over to AT&T. It was the worst job ever," she said.
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