Blues Singer Lester Chambers Attack on Stage By White Woman for his Tribute To Trayvon Martin A Must See!!!!!!

Lester Chambers Attack on Stage By White
Woman for his Tribute To Trayvon Martin 
BHR HollyWood Reports.....Saturday night, just before a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Lester Chambers, a member of soul-rock vets the Chambers Brothers, was attacked onstage for dedicating a song to Martin. Fuse News had cameras on the scene and captured exclusive footage of the attack—watch above.

Woman  arrested
Chambers, 73, was performing at the Hayward Russell City Blues Festival in Hayward, California, when a 43-year-old woman, identified by police as Dinalynn Andrews Potter, jumped onstage and knocked Chambers down. Chambers' wife, Lola, told the Mercury News that the singer had just dedicated Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions' "People Get Ready" to Martin, saying that if Mayfield were alive today, he'd change the lyrics from "there's a train a comin'" to "there's a change a comin'."
Lester Chambers Live before attack

Andrews Potter was wrestled to the ground and subdued by stage hands, and Chambers was wheeled away to an ambulance. As the video shows, he was still in good spirits, even flashing a peace sign. Chambers was treated at the hospital and released. A photo posted to Facebook by his son, Dylan, shows Chambers' injuries: a "bruised rib muscle and nerve damage and he is sore all over," wrote Dylan.

Lester Chambers in the hospital After attack
Andrews Potter, meanwhile, was arrested on suspicion of battery, cited and released. According to Billboard, Chambers' family is pushing authorities to file hate crime charges.

Fuse spoke with Chambers following the incident. "I was asking for peace," he explains. "She got in my face and called me all kinds of MFs, saying that I started all this."

After the attack Chambers was "totally out of it," he says. "I've never been so shocked and traumatized."

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