LA Police has a warrant issued For Suge Knight

LA Police has a warrants issued For Suge Knight
BHR HollyWood Reports.....Two bench warrant have been issued for the arrest of rapper Suge Knight after he failed to appear at two hearings this month. The two cases both involved him illegally driving with a ridiculous cigar a suspended license.

Wait a second. This sounds oddly familiar. Oh, thaaaat's right. That's because the same exact thing happened to Suge…in February!!

That time, Suge failed to show up to court for running a stop sign and driving with a suspended license.

Suge Knight
The former hip-hop mogul’s legal woes have been well-documented over the years, but his latest few run-ins with the law have involved negligence and reckless associations; as opposed to the violently menacing enforcer reputation he made for himself in the 1990s.

 Knight was arrested for drug possession during a routine traffic stop in Las Vegas last year. He was also involved in two altercations at nightspots alongside troubled comedian Katt Williams, also last year.

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