Bobby V talks about his Experience with a Bad toothache and How Doctor Rico Short Came to His Recure

Bobby V talks about his Experience with a Bad toothache
 and How Doctor Rico Short Came to His Recure 
BHR HollyWood Reports....Bobby V Talks about his bad toothache that had just taken over his whole body and that he had made an appointment to see a doctor but when seeing this doctor he didn't get the response he was looking for.

Sometime it's not good to pull a tooth when it's a good tooth. Sometime there is something else going on with the tooth.   A general Doctor doesn't do anything that is outside it's treatment.  He or She must recommend the patience to  a Specialist.
Dr.Rico Short

Bobby V had Heard about this great Doctor down in Atlanta Ga Doctor Rico Short Endodonitst to the stars (Root Canal Specialist) and made his appointment right away to go and see this this Specialist.

Dr.Rico Short has treated numerous of celebrities from Actor, Producers,Writers,Comedians,Television Anchors,Sport Athletes and National Recording Artist.

Dr.Rico Short & Ga Gov
Dr.Short has attained countless awards and recognition in the area of Dentistry. He also serves as an expert on The Board Certified Root Canal Consultant to the Georgia Board of Dentistry.

After making this appointment it was best decision  Bobby V needed to releave his toothache with Comfront.. Dr. Rico Short

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