The “Real Housewives” Of Atlanta Kenya Moore calls Phaedra Parks ‘fat’ ‘phony’ and More

 BHR HollyWood Reports Kenya Moore-Phaedra Parks feud sounded and Moore came out swinging hard with a potent combination of complaints and accusations against fellow “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast mate Phaedra Parks.
The “Real Housewives” Of Atlanta  Kenya Moore calls Phaedra Parks ‘fat’ ‘phony’ and More

This is obviously the continued fallout from their aborted business collaboration with the “booty” fitness videos and the verbal darts and nails that they continue to spit back and forth at each other ever since.

On the Bravo TV Web site, Moore accuses Parks of being a “fat” “phony” and “underhanded” woman who made snide and hurtful remarks about her ex-boyfriend, her sexual proclivities and authenticity of her protruding derriere.

This is what Moore had to say about Parks

“The girls’ trip was very challenging for me. Keeping my cool, turning the other cheek, and going out of my way to make a concerted effort to be kind to all the ladies was my plan. However, it goes against my spirit to be phony and fake. For others like phony Phae-Phae, it’s second nature. To add insult to injury, Phaedra in particular went out of her way to be an evil, vindictive, ugly person to me during the trip. The last straw was the underhanded insensitive, and snide remark about my lack of sexual prowess when it comes to keeping my ex. Yet, in the same breath she spitefully calls me a whore during her interviews. On the one hand she calls herself a preacher’s daughter quoting the bible and proclaiming to be an upright Southern belle, and on the other hand in the same breath calls me a whore for not marrying my ex.

“She is a fraud in every way imaginable, including her fictitious “Southern belle character” she plays on TV or the 30 pounds she Photoshopped off her photo from her DVD cover. FRAUD! I shoot straight from the hip and do not play games. I’ve tried to settle our differences by communicating to Phaedra that we can’t pretend like there is no issue if we have any hope at ever resolving them. All the conscientious and intentional cruelty from Phaedra needed to be addressed before it could get any uglier.s'

“Without losing my cool, I tried to explain that she took the disagreement to another level of the lowest kind by starting viscous, unfounded, and slanderous rumors about me. If she had an issue with me, she should have been woman enough to talk directly to me about it. Yet, she felt more comfortable being slick, underhanded, and malicious. Had she only admitted that she was wrong for her spiteful actions and apologized, we could have left the door cracked open for a friendship. However, after pointless bickering back and forth, I realized that she would never give me what I wanted. Just as NeNe said, I saw her for the person she really is and not who she fraudulently pretends to be.”

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