Katt Williams Says Jamie Foxx Is Gay!!!!

Katt Williams Says Jamie Foxx Is Gay!!!!
BHR HollyWood Reports The controversial comic Katt Williams performed onstage in Los Angeles when he made the shocking claims about the Oscar-winning actor, currently starring in Django Unchained.

Katt Williams says that Jamie Foxx is gay, and sleeping with his artist Marcus Anthony.
 Jamie Foxx & Marcus Anthony
“Who’s gay? Jamie Foxx. I can even tell you the name of the dude he f****. His name is Marcus Anthony; he’s the only dude signed to Jamie Foxx’s label. Check it out and then Twitter the dude and ask him to see if he’ll say yes. The dude told me backstage at a show and he told me I could bring him onstage and air it out.

I said, ‘No, nigga, let me wait until I get to L.A.’




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