Wife Of Kirk Frost "Rasheeda" Speaks Out On Marriage

Wife Of Kirk Frost "Rasheeda" Speaks Out On Marriage
BHR Hollywood Reports........Love and Hip Hop star Kirk Frost has found himself having an affair. And He blamed It on his wife Rasheeda.

Kirk was having a conversion with Scrappy, and he says that Rasheeda's work outside of the home has turned him into a "Man-Nanny. He also says it has affected their sex life.

Rasheeda has also spoke with Scrappy and she revealed she and Kirk are not living together , and that the DNA test of Jasmine Washington (Baby mama) Baby is still up for discussion.
Kirk And Rasheeda

During reccent visit with The Real, rasheeda spoke out on her marriage with kirk claiming "Well I dam* sure ain't paying no women ot have no parts of no dam* child support " 

It's not clear weather Kirk is the father of the baby or not, but Rasheeda should call it quits for going behind her back and cheating.
Video Credits : The Real