Could This Be Straw That Broke Rasheeda Back ! Kirk Has Another Baby , And It's Not By Rasheeda !

Could This Be Straw That Broke Rasheeda Back !
Kirk Has Another Baby , And It's Not By Rasheeda ! 
BHR Hollywood Reports.................Jasmine Washington, 27, has announced she gave birth , and Kirk Frost Is The Father

 OMG, what?! “She’s saying he’s got another baby mama in Atlanta that he’s taking care of!” Yes, Kirk has a second baby mama that he’s secretly supporting — as if it couldn’t get any more complicated!

Jasmine wants the Love & Hip Hop star to give her money for her to support her 6-month-old child, Kannon Mekhi Washington, and if she doesn’t get her way…he’ll pay in other ways.

 “Jasmine is saying that if he doesn’t do right by her and admit this baby is his and pay her what he owes her,” the insider warns, “She’s going to put his other baby mama on blast.”

It might serve him well to listen up, unless he wants to be found out!

Rasheeda, 34, was devastated after learning about it all and even left the episode with a cliffhanger when she confronted him
Kirk And Rasheeda 

I would be very surprised if Rasheeda ever left Kirk,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told reports.

Even after all of this?! “She lives for her kids and does not want to break up her family,” our source said, adding, “Even if this baby really is his, I can’t see her leaving, at least not for good.”

 Wow. Now that is some serious commitment.

While we want to be surprised about what we just heard, it’s hard, because like we previously told you, Rasheeda plans to stick by her man’s side! She’s been doing just that while the rumors that he has an alleged love child have been swirling.

Like we said, things aren’t looking too good for Kirk at the moment. After Jasmine’s relentless claims that he is indeed the father of her child, we EXCLUSIVELY learned that she’s even going around ATL saying that he’s got another love child that he’s caring for!