Kelly Rowland Announces New Cosmetics For Women Of Color !!

Kelly Rowland Announces New Cosmetics For Women Of Color !! 
BHR Hollywood Reports..............We already love Kelly Rowland for her stunning voice, enviable figure, and fierce representative for black women.

 And now we can add yet another items to that ever-growing list -- the Grammy Award-winning singer has revealed that she'll be launching a makeup line created specifically for women of color. Insert: Praise dance!

Rowland, who is dark-skinned herself, responded: “It’s just a trip to me. One of the things I looked for [in the new girl group] first was chocolate girls because I feel it’s so necessary for my niece, my unborn kid, she has to see more chocolate women.”

 At the moment, Rowland said, the only darker-skinned woman in a group is Normani Hamilton in Fifth Harmony. “I want to be part of a change in that.”

She added that growing up, she was inspired by darker-skinned women like Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson, and by Michelle Obama today. “No disrespect for lighter women, but we have to see all colours,” Rowland said.

Kelly Rowland In The Makeup Chair 
The equation of whiteness with beauty is pervasive throughout many cultures, including African American ones, giving rise to a multitude of products created to create a lighter appearance.\

 In January, a Thai advert for skin-whitening pills with the slogan “Whiteness makes you win” caused international outrage, while the Guardian reported last year that, while skin-whitening creams had been banned on the Ivory Coast, women still continued to use them.

Kelly Rowland 
In a conversation with Stephen Hill, president of programming at the Black Entertainment Network, which will screen Chasing Destiny, Rowland said that her show filled a need in music for more girl groups.

At the moment, she noted, the most popular female acts are solo artists, with only US X Factor
winners Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix (winners of the UK equivalent) flying the flag overseas.

Any brown girl knows there's definitely more room for diversity at the beauty counter. And while beauty brands are increasing paying attention to the needs of women with darker skin tones, the industry still a long way to go.

There's no word on a launch date for the makeup line but we'll keep you posted.