Singer Keyshia Cole Shares Emotional Letter About Her Mother "Frankie" And Her Addiction

Singer Keyshia Cole Shares Emotional Letter About Her Mother "Frankie" And Her Addiction
Keyshia Cole Sends Out Touching letter About Her
Mother And Her Addiction 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Keyshia Cole And Her mother Frankie have not always been the closes with each other , But recently she took to Instagram saying that things are looking good for her mother, Frankie Lons, in her fight against addiction.

Cole posted a photo to her Instagram page of her mother and her aunt and captioned it with a lengthy message about the struggles the two women have endured trying to clean up their lives.

She thanked her aunt for being there for her mother and for connecting, and she revealed that her
Keyshia Cole Instagram Post 
mother seemed to be improving.

“This pretty lady on the right is my aunt BB @pastor_bebe ‼️‼️#FollowHer My mother and my aunt used to run the streets together!!

 But when my aunts son (Andre) passed, I saw her slowly but surly get her life back on track, sadly my mother didn’t!!!!

But I would like to send a personal THANK YOU to my aunt, I’ve tried so many times to get my mothers life back on track!!! Even went broke once putting all my money and house up to pay for moms rehab.
Keyshia Cole 

Nothing has worked on my end. But my aunt has not given up!!!! No one knows my mother like u do!!” Cole posted on Instagram.

“Amen, praise the lord, and I kno you guys can relate to each other!!!

 She trusts u!!! She loves you!!! I kno of the bad nights you chase her down, trying to find her, scared for her life!!

 I kno how much u love her also!! I’m happy to hear my mother is gaining weight!

Doing good. Sounding even better!!! Being around positivity!!! I love u guys!!!! Keep being strong mommy!!! I will always love and respect you! I Will always be your baby.!!”

BHR Will Keep Keyshia Cole And Her Family In Our Prayers