Rapper Lil Wayne Miami Beach Manson Raided In By Miami Police Force

Rapper Lil Wayne Miami Beach Manson
 Raided In By Miami Police Force 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Police executed a judge's order to enter Lil Wayne's Miami Beach mansion on Tuesday, and were seen by news helicopters taking items from the home.

We're told when deputies arrived Wayne's security refused to let them in. The cops explained they were there to seize certain assets inside the house because Wayne had not paid a $2 million judgment to Signature Group, a jet leasing company.
Lil Wayne 

Wayne also owes the company $200k in lawyer's fees.

The judgment came down in September.

We obtained the court order, which allows Miami-Dade County Sheriff's deputies to break the locks of the house and doors if necessary to gain entry and confiscate seizable assets.

Wayne is in L.A. He went to Ace of Diamonds strip club Monday night.

Miami-Dade police didn't comment, but the Miami New Times confirmed that it was a repossession:
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To recover that cash, Signature Group asked [Miami-Dade County Judge Lisa] Walsh to authorize a "break order," basically giving them permission to storm Wayne's house -- with or without permission -- to obtain his assets.

The Signature Group's initial request was denied, because the judge said they hadn't proved he had property inside the $4 million waterfront house.

But, after the Signature Group was able to obtain photos proving that Lil Wayne did have assets inside his mansion -- which is currently up for sale -- a judge signed a new order on Friday authorizing the break-in.