Rapper Soulja Boy Has Gotten Robbed !!!! Thieves Leave With $10,000 In Cash And $12,000 In Jewelry

Rapper Soulja Boy Has Gotten Robbed !!!! Thieves Leave With $10,000 In Cash And $12,000 In Jewelry
Rapper Soulja Boy Has Gotten Robbed !!!! Thieves Leave
With $10,000 In Cash And $12,000 In Jewelry 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Soulja Boy can’t stay out of trouble.

The rapper recently had his Los Angeles home burglarized, law enforcement officials telling reports that the rapper’s Hollywood Hill house was broken into early Tuesday morning (Jan. 10).

The thieves left with $10,000 in cash and $12,000 in jewelry, the site reports.

Surveillance cameras captured the suspect’s image and police are now investigating the incident.

Soulja Boy 
This news arrives shortly after Soulja revealed he once shot a burglar multiple times.

“I seen three or four ni**as running through the crib,” he told reporters last month. “All black, masks on, runnin’ through the crib. One ni**a run to the front door. I hop out and start shootin’. Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.”

Eventually, he says he realized the burglar was a former associate. The interview went on to spark the #SouljaBoyChallenge, in which people imitated and exaggerated his storytelling.

Chris Brown 
Since then, Draco’s found himself in a verbal dispute with Chris Brown. The artists are planning a boxing match in Dubai, meant to settle their differences, which will reportedly air on pay-per-view.

Soulja Boy’s promoter Wack 100, also known for managing The Game and Ray J, told TMZ that he’s organizing the event.

 “We’re gonna take the fight to Dubai,” he said.

Chris Brown And Soulja Boy Pay By
 Views Fight 
“Mike Tyson is definitely involved. I’ve had conversations, through other people, with Floyd [Mayweather].

50 Cent is not needed for the fight. Floyd is not needed for the fight, but you know, if the politics is right, we can talk business. At the end of the day, Floyd and 50 are gonna never control nothing that’s a West Coast situation.”

Earlier this month, Soulja Boy was attacked while posting to Instagram Live, and 50 Cent later claimed that he was robbed of his chain.

 “Don’t worry ya big homie Floyd can buy you another chain. But you bet not call POLICE little man,” 50 wrote on Instagram.

 Seems Soulja is running into some trouble on the west coast, where he previously claimed he was in good company.
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