R&B Singer Tank Performs The National Anthem Honoring 9/11, And Chris Brown Stayed Seated and Laughed !!

 R&B Singer Tank Performs The National Anthem Honoring 9/11, And Chris Brown Stayed Seated and Laughed !!
 R&B Singer Tank Performs The National Anthem Honoring 9/11,
 And Chris Brown Stayed Seated and Laughed !! 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........On Sunday (Sept. 11), Power 106 held their annual celebrity basketball game in Los Angeles.

Inviting R&B powerhouse Tank to kick off the game with the National Anthem, there were a few moments that went down.

With everything happening in sports based on San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting the racial injustices in the country, by choosing to sit instead of stand during “The Star-Spangled Banner,”.

Tank asked the crowd–since it was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks–of all days, to stand and sing with him.

Chris Brown was playing in a celebrity basketball game.

That isn’t out of the ordinary except for the fact that Breezy chose to sit while R&B crooner Tank sang the national anthem. So of course, this is now a story.

Reports isn’t too happy about Brown’s decision, particularly since Tank specifically asked everyone to stand for those who died because of 9/11.

Tank, who sang America’s song, urged the crowd — even those who would otherwise protest — to stand in honor of the 3,000 people who perished during 9/11.

Chris Brown And Friends 
“I understand everybody’s exercising their right to stand or sit and exercising their right to freedom and justice,” he said.

 “But in the wake of 9/11, please understand the fact that real men, women, and children lost their lives for this very thing that we’re able to stand for today.”

 Brown, who planted himself on the hardwood, was immovable. He laughed with friends as people around him stood.

Brown seemed impressed with Tank’s performance, which kind of misses the point.
Brown took to Instagram and posted a photo of the headline along with the caption “stay classy.” But he wasn’t done there

It was a nice thought and most of the audience joined in. Except Chris Brown (not surprised), who sat on the court with some fellow teammates and basically just made faces at Tank the entire time. He did show his fellow R&B pal some love when Tank hit applause-worthy notes, but that was about it.
Video Credits : TMZ