Memphitz Blast K.Michelle On Social Media , Calling Her A "Skank"

Memphitz Blast K.Michelle On Social Media , Calling Her A "Skank"
BHR Hollywood Reports......Revenge is a dish best served cold, according to Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.

The Marriage Boot Camp star is blasting ex-girlfriend — and abuse accuser — K. Michelle, comparing their situation to the current Chris Brown scandal!

Memphitz turned to Instagram to go on a tirade against K. Michelle, calling her a liar yet again and even referring to her and her fans as "skanks."

Memphitz Post About "Skankville"
"Did you tell your fans that Mickey Wright is about to take everything you own & that soon you be back broke like them?" the "Marriage Boot Camp" reality star published in a series of posts---some of which have been deleted.

Memphitz Blasting K.michelle On
"...Thought it was ok for women to lie on men for the come up," he added.

"To K. Michelle & all her skank fans & will now address me as Mr. GOD."

But he didn't stop there.

Memphitz also posted a meme of a cartoon depicting a woman drivig a vehicle that read, "Get in whore...I'm on my way to Skankville."

"This just in!!...[K. Michelle] new album art! #Exclusive," he captioned.

It's not clear what got Memphitz riled up, but it's clear any truce the two made in the past is null and void.

Suggesting that Chris’s accuser, Baylee Curran is fabricating her story about Breezy allegedly holding her at gunpoint, the record producer then threw major shade at both ladies in another post.
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